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DC Housing Providers Association
2013 Theme: “Taking Ownership of our Business”
Chairman- Russell Brown:             landlordadvisory.chairman@gmail.com
Vice Chairman-Mike Kornegay:     landlordadvisory.vicechairman@gmail.com
Secretary- Janet Couplin               landlordadvisory.secretary@gmail.com
Vice Secretary  TBD                       landlordavisory.vicesecretary@gmail.com
Treasurer- Sandra Handon:          landlordavisory.treasurer@gmail.com
Sgt at Arms- Karissa Leake:           landlordadvisory.sgtatarms@gmail.com
Parliamentarian- Jason Wiles:       landlordadvisory.parliament@gmail.com
WEBSITE:   For Housing Choice Programs: dchousing.org.
Webmaster: Steve Hadley- shadley@dchousing.org.
                     If you are experiencing problems with the website Contact Steve H.
DCHPA Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2013
Objectives and Purpose of DCHPA: To advise DCHA management on recommended improvements and collaborative measures.
I.                    Meeting was called to order by Chairman Russell Brown at 6:00 PM. The meeting room location was Room 100. 
II.                 Chairman Brown opened the meeting with an introduction of HPA and provided a recap of the DCHPA Board’s organization, processes, and expectations and the progress made to date. He also requested feedback from the landlords on proposed topics to be covered as listed on the calendar of events for duration of the term of the Board. Landlords were reminded that the DCHA housing staff is available from 5pm to 6pm before the meeting to address any landlord issues that you may have.
 Chairman Brown is requesting landlords who are having issues to resolve with DCHA to “CC” him on all correspondence so that he can have an idea of the needs of HPA members.
III. Elections were held. The elected members were chosen by a majority vote. The vice chairman position was hotly contested between the incumbent and a challenger. The vice chair remained in position but all members encouraged the challenger to be a part of the board in a new position. This position will be determined at the February meeting.
IV.   Proposed topics
Topics proposed by the landlords ranged from customer service to more macro policy issues. There was a debate on the format of how the meetings should be run. Some landlord members demanded a less structured format of the meetings in order to address more dynamic issues. Chairman Brown challenged the landlords to organize their dynamic challenges in order for the board to structurally address each challenge. The 2013 agenda will be announced in February.
V.     Open floor for questions and discussion. In an effort to allow a more dynamic communication forum, the board was challenged to create a list serve where the landlords could interact with each other. Vice-chairman, Mike Kornegay accepted the challenge to put this together. The Vice-Chair also committed to put together a list of FAQ and Answers. In addition, Vice Chair Kornegay, landlord member Bruce Finland and one additional landlord volunteered to put together a task force in order to advocate for higher rates when the new March 2013 Fair Market Rents are to be released.
VI.   Announcements:
  1. You can find more information on all the Housing Choice Programs on the website dchousing.org. All landlords are encouraged to register on the site and take advantage of the services that are being provided to you. Steve Hadley can be reached by email at shadley@dchousing.org if you are experiencing problems with the website.
  1. Please check the Department of Housing and Community Development website, www.dhcd.dc.gov for Housing Regulation Administration (HRA) ongoing Education Series for dates, times and locations of upcoming workshops and seminars. They are located at 1800 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., SE, Washington, DC20020. The telephone number is 202-442-7200.
  1. New Fair Market Rents will go into effect in March 2013. Some areas have gone up, some have gone down. Stay tuned to all updates, as we will be making announcements when anything changes.
  1. Meeting Adjourned at 7:35PM
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