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Joel Maupin (Chief of Police, Director of Public Safety)

Joel Maupin

Telephone: (202) 535-2575
Fax: (202) 535-2144

The Office of District of Columbia Authority Police Department (DCHAPD) was created in 1995 to increase security for residents of public housing through a grassroots approach to community policing. The DCHAPD is a fully operational, 24-hour police force which covers fixed security stations and conducts police patrols throughout the city’s public housing developments. The DCHAPD is staffed with sworn police officers who have concurrent jurisdiction with MPD throughout the District of Columbia; special police officers commissioned by the Mayor of the District of Columbia to have full arrest powers on DCHA properties; security officers who screen visitors at DCHA developments; and civilian administrative support personnel.

The DCHAPD recognizes the challenges inherent in ensuring community safety for residents of public housing and the extended communities in which residents live. The DCHAPD works in partnership with DCHA residents, the larger community, and the Metropolitan Police Department to meet this challenge.

The DCHAPD nurtures community trust, particularly the trust of DCHA residents, by holding itself to the highest standards of performance and ethics. It is committed to providing public safety services that are of the highest quality and responsive to the needs of the DCHA community.

Confidential Hotline number: (202) 535-2222.

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