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Theresa Silla (Commissioner)

Theresa Silla

Theresa Silla is Director to End Homelessness of the District of Columbia
Interagency Council on Homelessness. Director Silla spearheaded several
initiatives to prevent and end homelessness for single adults experiencing
homelessness in the District. Working on behalf of the ICH, she was responsible
for streamlining intake, leveraging Medicaid benefits, and establishing PSH Plus,
a new program model designed to serve the most vulnerable clients.

Before joining the ICH in 2015, Director Silla worked in the private sector as a
trusted advisor to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
(HUD). In that capacity, she identified emerging policy issues, drafted policy
guidance and technical assistance resources as well as worked directly with HUD
grantees (cities, states, and countries) to design and implement programs.

Ms. Silla started her career in community development and affordable housing at
the City of New Haven where she was charged with managing the city’s allocation
of federal, state, and local subsidies to a diverse portfolio of rental and
homeownership projects.

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