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Ronnie Harris (Commissioner)

Ronnie Harris

Ronnie T. Harris is passionate about the District of Columbia and maintaining a
safe environment for families and children. Born in DC and raised in Montgomery
County, Ronnie returned to the District as a single parent attending University of
District of Columbia and raising her son.

Over the years, a passion for healthcare administration grew from working
as a pharmaceutical technician in the late 1990s. Moving through the ranks and
various positions, she has become a seasoned account executive working with
healthcare systems and providers, managing a base of clients that exceeds millions
of dollars in revenue yearly.

In the height of gentrification in the mid-2000s, Ronnie found
her Shaw neighborhood being transformed and the Kelsey Gardens housing she
called home being courted by developers.  As a born leader and lifelong learner,
she was invited to serve with the tenant association. Over a three-year period, she
helped over 58 families transition from income-based housing to Section 8, and in
some successful cases, including herself, into a homeownership program.

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