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Jennifer Reed (Commissioner)

Jennifer Reed

Jenny Reed is the Director of the Office of Budget and Performance
Management. OBPM leverages data, strategic planning, and innovation to ensure
the efficient and effective use of resources and drive continuous improvements to
the programs and services residents, businesses and visitors receive. OBPM
consists of three functional teams: Budget, Performance, and The Lab @ DC. Prior
to serving as the Director of the Office of Budget and Performance Management,
Jenny spent nearly eight years at the DC Fiscal Policy Institute where she served
as Deputy Director.

Jenny is widely recognized as an expert on the DC budget, affordable housing,
poverty and income trends, and tax policy. Her research has contributed to a
number of important budget and policy outcomes, including increased funding to
address the city’s affordable housing shortfall, improved public access to key DC
budget information, and improvements to policies governing the city’s financial
reserves. Jenny also served as a member of the Board of Commissioners for the
DC Housing Authority, appointed to the Board by the DC Consortium of Legal
Service Providers, and served in the Housing Advocate position. Jenny holds an
undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Rhode Island and a
Master in Public Policy from George Washington University

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