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James Dickerson (Commissioner)

James Dickerson

A native of Arkansas, Rev. Jim Dickerson has been intimately involved in
affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, ending generational poverty and
homelessness in Washington, DC for over 45 years. He directed FLOC’s (For Love
of Children’s) Hope and a Home program, a transitional housing program.

When families were ready to successfully graduate out of transitional housing,
many expressed a desire to own their own home. Thus, MANNA, Inc. was born to
provide low and moderate income families with quality affordable homeownership
and housing choices that gave them the opportunity to realize their dreams in the
DC neighborhoods where they have lived. In over 35 years MANNA has built or
preserved more than 1,300 homes throughout Washington DC and has trained
many hundreds of families to become successful first-time homeowners. Today
MANNA has a reputation for hard work, proven success, and productive
partnerships with Department of Housing and Community Development and other
government agencies, business and community-based organizations throughout

In addition to founding MANNA, Jim was instrumental in the establishment of the
Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development. Besides his work at
MANNA, Jim is the founding pastor of New Community Church, a small highly
active and dedicated, multi- denominational, interracial church located in Shaw.

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