New Markets Tax Credits

DCHA’s New Markets Tax Credit Opportunities

DC Housing Enterprises (DCHE) is a non-profit subsidiary of the District of Columbia Housing Authority and is one of the few Public Housing Authorities that the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI) has certified as a Community Development Entity (CDE). As a CDE, DCHE originates New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) by providing tax credits to investors in return for equity investments in businesses that serve low income communities. From 2009 to date, DCHE has received $128 million dollars of New Market Tax Credit allocations and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in community-oriented real estate and business developments. DCHE has a diverse portfolio of NMTC-financed projects that create catalytic economic impacts in low-income communities throughout the District of Columbia. Our projects extend direct benefits to low-income residents including many who reside in DCHA sponsored housing by providing quality jobs, goods and services. DCHE prioritizes investments in highly distressed communities that lack private sector capital and in projects that are in alignment with DCHA’s broader mission of creating stronger, equitable communities for low-income persons. Our investments bring quality jobs, goods and services which are essential to create vibrant, healthy, and inclusive neighborhoods for all citizens in the District of Columbia.