The District of Columbia Housing Authority is an independent government agency that provides quality affordable housing to extremely low- to moderate-income households. We foster sustainable communities where residents can improve their lives.

As one of the District’s largest landlords, this agency serves 50,000 qualified low-income residents through traditional affordable housing, tenant- and project-based housing vouchers, and mixed-income properties.


  • Children: 15,400
  • Seniors: 6,200
  • Disabled: 10,700
  • Veterans: 1,034

    DCHA’s fiscal 2014 ending net assets were about $560 million. The agency received more than $293 million in grant funding in the same year.

    There are more than 8,300 units in 52 traditional public housing developments. Of those properties, 14 serve the elderly and disabled. DCHA maintains an occupancy rate of approximately 95 percent. Tenants pay 30 percent of their adjusted income towards rent. The average rent paid by a public housing household is approximately $250.

    DCHA has responsibility and financial interest in 23 mixed-income properties, but does not own them directly. In those 23 properties there are nearly 4,500 units, 3,900 of them are affordable, including more than 1,230 public housing units.


    DCHA administers more than 12,500 housing vouchers through tenant-based and project-based assistance. The voucher participant must meet HUD eligibility criteria. The participant pays 30 percent of their adjusted income towards their lease rent to a private landlord. The purpose of a Housing Choice Voucher is to pay the balance of lease rent owed. The average DCHA payment made to a private landlord on behalf of their tenant is $1,100.