The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA), the largest landlord in the nation’s capitol, kept more than 50 residential properties open and operating during the double-barreled storms that pounded the region this week.

“Starting early Friday, we have been running extra shifts and working around the clock to make certain that our clients in public housing have safe passage from their front doors to the street,” said DCHA Interim Executive Director Adrianne Todman, who directed emergency and essential staff during the District’s worst snowstorms. “We plowed each of the developments, and we had staff available to successfully address heating, water and other mechanical emergencies caused by the storms.”

“DCHA operations staff members including mechanics, laborers, foremen and property management employees showed up for work on Saturday and Sunday, and they have provided excellent service to our residents,” added LaRuby May, Chair of the DCHA Board of Commissioners, while visiting properties across the city. “I am proud of the commitment of our essential personnel to ensure the safety of our residents.

“These same folks are back out there today and will be working through their second weekend, because they know how important it is for residents, mechanics and emergency medical staff to be able to access the properties, particularly senior residences.” She added.

DCHA properties range in size from individual apartment buildings to 500-unit developments with dozens of buildings covering multiple acres. Fleet personnel kept the 48 snow blowers, three Bobcats, and 15 trucks with plows or spreaders operating through the storms and travelled around the region as far as Baltimore to buy additional salt. Contractors with heavy front load plows assisted municipal snowplows by clearing side streets leading into DCHA properties.

The Authority expects eight new trucks equipped with plows to be delivered today along with additional snow blowers. It also has hired 25 public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher Program participants to work through the weekend to enhance staff efforts.

“Routine office operations were closed on Wednesday and today because of limited public transportation for staff not involved with the emergency and for clients,” said Todman. “DCHA’s Customer Service Call Center has been open and will continue to operate to assist residents with emergencies.”

The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) is the leading provider and manager of safe, affordable and well-maintained housing for people of low and moderate income in Washington, DC. The Authority works closely with residents, landlords and the DC government to improve the quality of life in the District through better housing and diverse neighborhoods. In addition to providing quality housing, DCHA actively helps its residents grow both personally and professionally through a variety of economic development and self-sufficiency programs, as well as the facilitation of other supportive services. DCHA, an independent housing authority, is led by a 9-person Board of Commissioners.

Last modified: 8/20/2010 8:54:18 AM