Frontiers was a public housing home ownership building located in the city’s Northwest section and constructed on four sites in 1974. Regrettably, the ownership portion of the project was never implemented.  In 1996, DCHA entered into a contract with Manna, Inc., a local non-profit organization with a successful record in the renovation and sale of housing to low-income families.  

The project included the conversion and renovation of the 54 townhomes to condominiums for home ownership by public housing residents and other low-income families in the District. Manna worked closely with DCHA and the Frontiers Resident Association to allow interested Frontiers Residents and other lower income District renters to become first-time homebuyers.  
Potential home-buyers received a full range of services such as classes on budgeting and money management, credit counseling, financing options, how to avoid predatory lenders, foreclosure prevention, asset building, refinancing and renovation. The project was completed in 2003, with all units sold to low-income families.
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