As part of the ongoing monitoring of Section 3 participation, status reports must be submitted to the Section 3 Coordinator. Contractors are responsible for completing various mandatory forms contained in Appendix H. The following sections describe the reporting procedures and submittal requirements.

A. Reporting Procedures for New Hires

STEP 1: Contractor faxes a New Hire Requisition Form (Appendix A) to the Section 3 Coordinator specifying the number of hires needed, minimum qualifications, job requirements, starting dates, and wage rates.

STEP 2: The Section 3 Coordinator notes the date the requisition is received and contacts the contractor to arrange referrals. The timing will vary depending upon contractor specifications and the Section 3 Coordinator’s ability to recruit and refer applicants. The main referral source will be the Section 3 labor pool database.

STEP 3: The Section 3 Coordinator faxes the contractor a New Hire Referral Form (Appendix B) which specifies the name, address and phone number of each referral, order of hiring preference, educational background and training and employment history.

STEP 4: Contractor conducts interviews and documents interview on the New Hire Referral Form including the interview date and time, names of applicants, training/employment source(s) and contact person, labor classification, hiring recommendation, starting date and starting salary. If the contractor requests that the Section 3 Coordinator selects the worker(s), the Coordinator will then fax the name of the new hire(s) to the contractor within one day. If there are no new hires, the reason(s) for non-selection (e.g., availability or acceptability) should be indicated. If there are no new hires for the reporting period, the New Hire Referral Form should indicate “no new hires.” The completed New Hire Referral Form should be returned to the Section 3 Coordinator within one day, and the other preference steps will be considered.

STEP 5: The Monthly Payment Record (Appendix C) must be completed and sent to the Section 3 Coordinator no later than the 5th working day of each month. The record should include the names of all contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, the dollar amount of the contract, award date, anticipated completion date, and payments made. The record should also indicate whether the contractor, subcontractor, or supplier is a Section 3 Owned Business.

STEP 6: The Section 3 Coordinator contacts the contractor immediately after scheduled project start date to confirm the new hire(s) or seek additional information.

STEP 7: Workers that are employed for a minimum of 30 days or for the duration of the contract work will be considered “new hires” for the particular project. To confirm the use of new hires, the contractor submits a monthly report to the Section 3 Coordinator using the New Hire Analysis Form (Appendix D). This report includes the hours worked, the number of new hires employed on the project and any changes in the number of new hires. The form is due by the 5th working day of each month and must be submitted with the Monthly Payment Record.

STEP 8: Upon completion of each job, contractors must conduct a performance evaluation for all new hires. Evaluations will include ratings for attendance, quality and quantity of work, job knowledge, dependability and working relations. New hires will be subject to the contractor’s standard employment practices. The Performance Evaluation Form is contained in Appendix E.

STEP 9: New hires will also complete training and employment evaluations. The Section 3 Coordinator will review employee and contractor evaluations. The evaluations are used to improve the program by assisting the contractors in meeting their future needs. The Contractor Evaluation Form is contained in Appendix F.

B. Reporting Procedures for Contracts with Section 3 Business Concerns

Contractors must report monthly on efforts to contract with Section 3 business concerns. The following steps describe the report submittal process and requirements. A copy of the Section 3 Business Participation Form is contained in Appendix G to this section.

STEP 1: Upon facsimile or written request to the Section 3 Coordinator, prime contractors will be provided with a listing of potential contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. This listing can be limited as requested to specific trades or services. The prime contractor’s request for a list of Section 3 businesses should specify the scope of work, contract amount, estimated start and end dates and job requirements.

STEP 2: The contractor is responsible for negotiating with the Section 3 business concern. The time and date of contract negotiations, and contracting recommendation should be documented on the Section 3 Business Participation Form (Appendix G).

STEP 3: This report must list also the name and address of the business, the scope of the work to be performed, the start date and completion date of the work and the contract amount. The business participation report is to be submitted with the Monthly Payment Record, which is due no later than the 5th working day of each month. If no Section 3 businesses are contracted, the report should indicate the reasons.

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