1. Determination of Non-compliance. Any contractor who fails to meet its hiring and or contracting goals may be determined to be non-compliant. After a determination by DCHA that a contractor has failed to comply with the terms of their contract, or has been adjudged in violation of any of the Section 3 requirements, DCHA shall serve written notice of such non-compliance on the contractor or his representatives. The contractor shall be responsible for notifying any subcontractor or supplier who is not in compliance.

2. Correction Action Plans. Upon request, the contractor determined to be non-compliant shall meet with the Section 3 Program Compliance Specialist and any other appropriate representative from the DCHA within three (3) working days of the written notice in order to determine a method of correcting the deficiencies and determining the time period within which such remedy shall be effected. If a remedy is not agreed upon within three (3) days of the required notice, the Section 3 Program Compliance Specialist shall prescribe the remedy by which deficiencies shall be corrected and notify the contractor in writing of such determination.

3. Sanctions. If the contractor does not correct the deficiencies in the manner prescribed within thirty (30) calendar days, the Contracting Officer may impose the following sanctions:

Withholding payments on contracts; and/or

Canceling and suspending contracts; and/or

Placing contractor on list of contractors who fail to comply with the DCHA’s Section 3 requirements.

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