Inclusion of a Section 3 plan is a threshold requirement for all bids and responses to requests for proposals or qualifications. Each Prospective Respondent must provide a Section 3 plan including a description of contracting, equity partnering, training and/or job opportunities for Section 3 participants and a plan that otherwise is consistent with the DCHA Section 3 goals. The plan should address both the hiring and subcontracting aspects of the Section 3 Program. The Plan should include the number of Section 3 participants to be hired under the contract, a description of skills associated to tasks, as well as total hours of activities.

Each Section 3 plan will be rated not only on the quantity of job opportunities, but on the quality of the employment and/or the training that leads to economic self-sufficiency and careers. Preference will be given for Section 3 plans that provide quality training and employment rather than a large quantity of jobs that do not teach skills.

If the Prospective Respondent assesses that a particular DCHA contract/project does not provide an opportunity to provide residents with quality training and employment opportunities, DCHA encourages the Prospective Respondent to commit to providing such opportunities on other worksites already secured by the Prospective Respondent.

If the Prospective Respondent has no opportunities for training and employment either at a DCHA worksite or in other parts of the Respondent’s business, DCHA will allow the option of making a monetary donation in lieu of providing training and employment opportunities. The distribution of any monetary donation will be at the sole discretion of DCHA’s Section 3 Program.

Last modified: 8/20/2010 8:54:18 AM