More than 20 individuals received their five-year certification for commercial painting. This achievement was the culmination of a week-long training course hosted by Sherwin Williams.

The Sherwin Williams Painters Course, facilitated by William Allman, was held at the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s Southwest Family Enhancement and Career Center. The partnership with Sherwin Williams is one of the national connections made possible by the center being a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-named EnVision Center.

“Today, each of you have taken a step forward to provide yourself with more opportunities that will align with your vision,” said DCHA Office of Resident Services Director Brian K. Harris, who encouraged the graduates to use the center to help them find new positions and start their careers with their new certifications. “Stay the course!”

The class, which was comprised of DCHA customers, members of the authority’s Modified Apprenticeship Training Program, and other D.C. residents, spent the first two days of the week in the classroom learning about specifications, technical knowledge, and other items that are requirements of commercial painting and taking the exam for certification.

“You have to show it. You have to earn it. It is about your performance,” said Allman, as he gave an inspirational speech to the class. “Put that extra effort in and make it one step better” to impress your clients and bosses.

The next two days were for hands-on learning of various painting techniques. That is followed by a day of review and a graduation celebration.

Split into smaller groups, the class painted the first floor of Greenleaf Gardens for the hands-on experience. The team finished the hallway in no time, said one graduate, Antonio Harvell.

“This is a great group. We work well together,” he said.

Each member of the group also earned supplies, including a ladder, paint brushes, painting attire, and other necessary gear to help prepare them for the job market.

After they received their certifications, the group heard from one of DCHA’s Section 3 contractors, Galaxy Paint on what employers are looking for in potential employees.

The Southwest Center will host another Sherwin Williams Painters Course the week of December 9. For more information or to sign up, call (202) 645.5023.


Last modified: 9/20/2019 2:43:33 PM