District of Columbia Housing Authority Executive Director Tyrone Garrett shared a meal and his wisdom with 10 youth working at the agency this summer.

The young people, all part of the Summer Youth Program that offers summer employment, explained to Garrett why they chose to work this summer, what their skills and strengths are, and what they are studying in school. They then asked Garrett for career advice.

“Most people go through two to three careers in a lifetime. They are trying to find where they fit in and what they are the most passionate about,” he said. “Sometimes the first job isn’t the perfect fit, but there are things to be gained from it. It is a launching pad.”

He told the youth to ask themselves what their fullest potential looks like. He encouraged them to believe in themselves and learn from everyone around them.

“You need to learn to seize your opportunities based on what is in front of you. Be mindful. Be respectful. Your colleagues here have a lot of knowledge,” he said.

Last modified: 7/24/2019 3:49:52 PM