The District of Columbia Housing Authority's first annual Financial Empowerment Day was recently held at the Southwest Family Enhancement and Career Center (also known as the Envision Center). The mission of the two-day event was to disrupt the cycle of poverty through educating customers on their banking options, financial rights, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Participants learned about banking, credit, homeownership, and entrepreneurship from organizations including Latino Economic Community Development (LECD), Washington Area Community Invest Fund (WACIF), Guidewell Financial Solutions, and DC Credit Union.

The highlight of the event was the How to be a Boss entrepreneur panel which featured Arsha Jones of Capital City Mambo Sauce, Andrew Reamer of Remax Distinctive, Chef Nina Luv of Love Dynasty Catering, Ramunda Young, and Mahogany Books. The panelists discussed the importance of money management and dispelled myths about self-employment.

When asked what they learned from the event, one participant stated:

“After the training, I felt empowered to become financially stable. I learned how to correctly formulate a business plan, adjust my pricing to make more money, and how to budget. I am empowered to move forward on my business venture.”

Last modified: 10/12/2018 4:06:02 PM