This month, Tyrone Garrett, executive director of the District of Columbia Housing Authority, visited Stoddert Terrace and held a town hall in his ongoing tour of each and every DCHA community.

“I really want you to be honest and candid about things you think we need to change,” Garrett said to the crowd. “I really care about what is going on in your community and want you to have the best quality of life.”

After listening to customers at these town halls and in one-on-one meetings, Garrett said he has started several programs to deal with issues that were brought up repeatedly.

“We know what we need to do and we are putting together a team to get it done,” Garrett said. “We are shaking up some things and bringing in new faces.”

The biggest new initiative is the 3Cs campaign – Courteous, Complete, and Clean, he said. DCHA employees and contractors are inspecting each and every unit for environmental issues, making sure appliances and smoke detectors are fully functional, and other needs are recorded and addressed. The goal is to get to every unit by the end of the year. Garrett stressed these inspections are not related to housekeeping, but instead a thorough way of him understanding what the greater needs are in DCHA’s portfolio and making sure customers have the best quality of life. This initiative also checks with residents to make sure that staff were polite and completed the work that was assigned to them. 

He said maintenance workers also must wear booties while working in units and have to leave the home clean so the customer wouldn’t even know they had done work. And to add to transparency and be responsive to customers, Garrett said that now when a DCHA employee enters any residence for maintenance work, that employee will leave a courtesy card that states whether or not the work is fully completed or if they will return to complete the work.

The new initiatives Garrett is rolling out are part of his guiding principles for the agency: integrity, accountability, and responsibility.

“If DCHA employees aren’t providing the service they need to provide to our customers, then we need to address that,” he said.

Following his updates, residents had the opportunity to ask Garrett questions. Topics ranged from security, to the new smoking policy, to pest control, and improved locks. DCHA staff was on hand to record each idea and concern, and if necessary, submit a maintenance request on the spot for customers. Customers will be given opportunities to follow up with more questions or ideas after the conversation.  Also, a quarterly report to track the commitments made and successful completion of tasks will be created.

Garrett has visited nearly two dozen communities and met one-on-one with customers more than 60 times in order to learn what is happening in DCHA neighborhoods directly from the customers. As Garrett makes his way to each community, customers will be notified via texts, emails, and flyers. They will have an opportunity to pre-register by calling 202-535-1000 or register on site.

Last modified: 8/27/2018 12:46:34 PM