The District of Columbia Housing Authority will hold elections for resident commissioners this fall and is currently seeking candidates for the positions.

Being an elected member of the DCHA Board of Commissioners gives residents a unique opportunity to serve your community and neighbors while governing over the housing authority’s legal, financial, and customer service programs.  

“The DCHA Board of Commissioners not only lead and help to carry out the agency’s mission through business decisions, but also provide monthly opportunities to hear from DCHA customers and help them on their paths to success,” said Board Chairman Neil Albert.

One major role the board plays is oversight of DCHA. The board monitors the agency’s ability to meet both U.S. Housing and Urban Development and D.C. regulations, as well as review and approve large contracts DCHA enters into and budgets.  The board oversees the authority’s work and makes sure its portfolio and assets are in good standing.

In addition to monthly board meetings, commissioners attend committee meetings and community events on a regular basis, allowing them to interact with the community.

For more information on becoming a resident commissioner, click here.

Last modified: 7/18/2018 1:07:35 PM