The more than 50 individuals enrolled in the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s Modified Property Maintenance Apprenticeship Training Program have been working at all of DCHA properties and were captured at Greenleaf Gardens this week.

The new six-month program provides DCHA customers the opportunity to learn job skills while also working to enhance the appearance and curb appeal of DCHA properties.

More than 150 people interviewed to participate in the program, which begins with a base pay rate of $13 per hour. Orientation regarding the agency’s rules and regulations, as well as safety training, began March 12, 2018 for the participants. They will work Mondays through Thursday for five hours each day. Each Friday will be an optional professional development day for trainees.

At the end of the program the top performers will compete for permanent positions within DCHA and with contractors who do business with DCHA.

Dwayne Lane, Travis McGill, and Rico Jackson paint the fence outside of Greenleaf Family.
Last modified: 6/21/2018 4:48:56 PM