Repair and capital work at District of Columbia Housing Authority properties are quick to start and efficiently executed thanks to the Job Order Contracting program.

The Job Order Contracting program, or JOC, is a one-time procurement program that addresses modernizations, construction, redevelopments, or conducts repairs within DCHA communities. The program has a pre-approved list of contractors and subcontractors that work within DCHA-deemed limits and materials, cutting down excess time and cost, saving the agency precious dollars.  

The DCHA Board of Commissioners voted on April 11, 2018 to renew the contract with The Gordian Group, Inc. to manage the JOC software systems and processes for the agency. The database that Gordian Group maintains is where contract information is kept and contractors can check-in on their current status. The Gordian Group also will conduct reviews and audits to make sure the program is as efficient and expedient as possible.

“The JOC program is essential for DCHA to conduct its everyday business in a timely manner,” said DCHA’s Deputy Director of Capital Programs Michael Brown. “In addition to saving time, this procurement process saves money and keeps all of the contractors on the mutually agreed upon schedules working from the same baseline specs. This allows DCHA to use its funding wisely.”  

The JOC program has been in existence for some 30 years nationally, but began at DCHA in 1996. The program requests proposals from contractors every four to five years to be reviewed and pre-approved. Once contractors are approved, they are included in a pool that can be readily tapped for work of various natures, depending on the project at hand. Once selected from the pool, the assigned work can begin in a matter of weeks, compared to months with the standard procurement process. Contractors and DCHA work in a partnership to get the jobs done to the benefit of each party.

“The JOC program has proven to be a subcontractor incubator for growing small businesses becoming successful JOC contractors, as well,” Brown said. “Several of our minority subcontractors from the early years have grown to be JOC contractors for us now.”

By the end of summer 2018, DCHA will put out a request for proposals from contractors interested in joining the JOC program. The announcement of the request is published in local newspapers, but contractors can also be alerted by signing up to the agency’s vendor list here.

Last modified: 5/2/2018 3:27:53 PM