Five families signed leases to their new homes recently at one of the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s Meet and Lease events.

Like previous Meet and Lease events DCHA has held for veterans and voucher customers, the event allows prospective tenants to shop for available apartments and houses from landlords, property managers, and leasing agents. The one-stop shop allows landlords and voucher customers meet face-to-face to discuss nearby amenities and lease terms.

The most recent event, held April 6 at DCHA’s main office at 1133 North Capitol Street, N.E., was attended by nearly 300 voucher customers. More than 30 landlords, property management companies, and leasing agents set up tables featuring some 150 available units for the customers to possible rent.

Many of the landlords waived application fees and several of the units are pre-inspected so if a tenant and landlord agree on rental terms, they can sign a lease that very day. Due to customer interest, DCHA inspectors were sent to four units to inspect to ensure a quick leasing process on those units.



Last modified: 5/1/2018 1:14:32 PM