The District of Columbia Housing Authority Executive Director Tyrone Garrett listened to residents of the Montana Terrace community to hear their ideas and concerns.

The conversation, held January 24, was the first Garrett plans on holding with each DCHA community.

“These talks will help me strategize for the future and help the agency provide a better quality of life to all of its residents,” Garrett told the crowd which represented a third of Montana Terrace’s households. “It is a juggling act to figure out how to prioritize funding and actions that need to happen. One way for me to do that is to stand in front of you and hear your ideas and issues.”

He continued, “There is no better way to know what residents expect of me than to ask them.”

Garrett explained to the residents that the federal government has not given housing authorities across the country the necessary funding to properly maintain their properties. So as he listens to their issues, he must weigh the needs across DCHA’s entire portfolio.

Garrett said, “We are going to do the right thing on your behalf.”  

As residents told the executive director about their needs—from screen doors to security issues, Garrett had staff log their comments. If he could not answer a question or an issue needed follow up, Garrett said the appropriate person at DCHA would reach out to the resident. Customers will be given opportunities to follow up with more questions or ideas after the conversation. There will be a diligent effort to address concerns with a follow-up report that will be issued to the communities.

Prior to the meeting, residents were notified via texts, emails, and flyers. They had an opportunity to pre-register or register on site. Each registered participant received a thank you note shortly after the meeting’s conclusion. Also, a quarterly report to track the commitments made and successful completion of tasks will be created.

“Please give me and my team the opportunity to make changes,” Garrett said. “This is a partnership between the DCHA team and you, the residents.”


Montana Terrace Resident Council President Tanora Gibbs and DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett
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