The District of Columbia Housing Authority is taking yet another step to improve customer service.

Some of DCHA’s customers will receive a random survey following a maintenance request to tell the agency if their issue was solved satisfactorily.

The new system is fast and efficient and only takes a few minutes of customers’ time. Customers receive a text following a maintenance request asking them to text a four-digit number if anything went wrong during the request. DCHA’s Customer Service Call Center will be alerted of an unsatisfactory response. A customer service representative will then call that customer to get more details of what happened during the maintenance request.

Once the customer service representative captures the customer’s information, a complete report is delivered to DCHA’s executive staff.

This new, more detailed survey is in addition to the basic surveys customers already receive via text and email regarding their maintenance requests. 

Last modified: 1/10/2018 1:13:04 PM