There are several District of Columbia Housing Authority events that are specially presented through the Housing Choice Voucher Program, most recently the Veterans Appreciation Day and the fifth annual holiday dinner for senior voucher customers.

Due to the success of the events and the group’s hard work, HCVP’s Special Events Team received the November Employee of the Month awards.

“What is most impressive is that they give of their personal time to do these events,” said DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett, who highlighted a successful Beyond the Voucher program that raised $30,000 and the fifth annual Veterans Appreciation Day. “At the senior dinner, I saw the dedication of the staff servicing seniors who at this point in their life should be catered to. This team sets an example that I would like the rest of this organization to rise to.”

HCVP’s Special Events Team consists of Diane Oliver, Sharnitta Evans-Wilson, Ty Gary, Shernita Jefferson, Cherise Bennett, Alicia Robinson, Angela Isaac, Trina Cureton, Mary Johnson, Donna Barkley, Noelee Wishart, Tereita Thomas, Stephanie Alger, and Cheryl Robinson.

“These employees have consistently gone the extra mile for our DCHA customers and partners for every HCVP internal and external event,” said HCVP Director Ronald McCoy in his nomination. “From their professional coordinated attire, to the selection of the venue and decorations, attention to detail on how we cater to the customers before, during and after the event, even the man hours used to setting up and breaking down of the venue areas. They are exceptional!”

In October, a reception for all of the partners that have worked with DCHA throughout the years in our Beyond the Voucher initiative was held. More than $30,000 in donations were collected that evening from existing and new partners all going toward more Beyond the Voucher initiatives that help our DCHA customers.

More than 500 veterans attended the Veterans Appreciation Event on November 9. 

The sixth annual holiday dinner was held on November 21 for 80 HCVP seniors with DCHA’s newest partner - Arena Stage. The seniors had door-to-door service from their homes to the theater where they had dinner and watched the “Nina Simone: Four Women” show.

“This all takes great planning and coordination to pull off. And this team knocks it out of the park every time,” said McCoy.

HCVP Deputy Director Cheryl Robinson, a 10-year employee at DCHA, said, “I love the opportunity to serve families ‘beyond housing.’ While we do house families, we must make a concerted effort to provide additional services to sustain them. We have worked for the past seven years providing services to youth, adults and seniors and we plan to continue our efforts in 2018.”

She continued, “We are excited about this special opportunity.”



Last modified: 12/19/2017 3:02:09 PM