Some 175 veteran volunteers painted walls, raked leaves, and spruced up Langston Terrace on Veterans’ Day.

Safer Stronger DC worked in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Veteran Affairs, The Mission Continues, Serve DC, and the Travis Manion Foundation to host a community service project at the historic property. Team RWB (Red, White, and Blue); Team Rubicon; Metropolitan Police Department Veterans; GW Veterans; and the Coalition of Veteran Engagement lent a hand.

BAE Systems and the Wounded Warrior Project also donated funding for the event.

Director of the Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs Ely Ross called the event a first for the city.

“Here in the District, we talk about our D.C. values. Today, we are putting that into action,” he told the crowd.

The Travis Manion Foundation’s Daniel Mehdi reminded the crowd of the organization’s motto, “If not me, then who…” and said that the event exceeded his expectations.

“We all try to find that sense of service,” he said. “We are stronger together when we are working as one.”

These organizations are “empowering veterans to go back in their communities and continue to be of service,” Takeisha Presson, a former Langston Terrace resident and community advocate.

She called the day “a beautiful marriage” with the Langston Terrace Resident Council because of the “common goal to serve the community.”

Property Manager Dorothy Glenn said, “We are so blessed to have this team here today…We want to thank every single person and all of the youth. You are awesome. The residents of Langston Terrace appreciate you.”

The volunteers had started prepping the site on Thursday by removing the resident council’s office furniture to create space to paint. By Saturday, the registered volunteers began painting the resident council office and kitchen areas. They also did landscaping work and the community garden was prepped for next year’s planting season. Trash receptacles were built to hold trash cans and prevent them from tipping over.

“I want to thank all of the foundations and all of the teams that are here today. I truly, truly thank you,” said Resident Council President Ester Hardesty.

The Uniting Our Youth offices also received a makeover. The kitchen was cleaned and artwork was created to liven up the space, among other projects. 



Last modified: 11/16/2017 1:11:16 PM