Any adult customer of the District of Columbia Housing Authority can now take advantage of BenefitsGPS, the one-stop online tool that offers services, programs, and opportunities specifically for that customer.

Already 55 adult DCHA customers have taken advantage of the tool that has been available only to heads of household until now. 

BenefitsGPS can now be used by DCHA customers including household members that are 18 or older in our communities, on a voucher lease, or included on the waitlist can access and explore all types of programs and services including healthcare, education, and social services as well as find employment, training, apartments, schools, and more. Some 2,300 customers have begun developing their profile within BenefitsGPS to get even more specialized offerings.

Through BenefitsGPS Neighborhoods tab, customers can now explore the District’s neighborhoods and various resources they offer, such as childcare, schools, housing, public transportation, healthcare, and other community resources that match the customer’s needs.

Previously, DCHA customers could only access BenefitsGPS by simply logging onto the agency’s website at www.dchousing.org. Now, if customers cannot navigate DCHA’s website on their phone or a computer, they can call DCHA’s Customer Call Center to receive these benefits, or get it in person when they visit the authority.

When a customer calls the agency or walks into the lobby, a frontline staff person is there to help guide them through the system. That representative can either hand the customers the printed results, or send it to them via text or email.

Since September 2016, DCHA staff was able to deliver more than 5,200 listings to their customers. This number is expected to increase as the system expands throughout the agency in the coming months. The two most popular categories are housing vacancies and services for the homeless.

BenefitsGPS is set within the agency’s customer portal for heads of household, where customers log onto the website and conduct their business, such as scheduling an appointment with HCVP specialist, filing out applications for accommodations for persons with disabilities, get housing inspection results, and updating their housing applications. Departments throughout DCHA are taking advantage of this online portal to develop programs that will further assist our heads of household customers. These services are not available for adults within the households unless they are the head of household.

Nearly 15,500 DCHA customers have logged into the portal more than 120,500 times!


Last modified: 11/15/2017 3:05:47 PM