Resident Council Leadership had an opportunity to hear from the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s new executive director at their annual retreat.

The 2017 Resident Council Leadership Retreat, held October 24-26 in College Park, is where the executive boards of each property’s council gathered to learn about their roles in their community. They discussed the best ways to advocate for their neighbors, reviewed bylaws, and learned about DCHA programming.

“The District of Columbia Housing Authority’s mission is about the residents,” said Executive Director Tyrone Garrett. “I encourage my team to work with you on a daily basis for the betterment of your communities.”

Garrett explained that he is currently reviewing DCHA’s operations and programs and will most likely change a few things. He asked the leadership to “be open-minded” during this transition.

“I am direct and honest. You will get feedback,” he said. “I’m sincere about what I’m doing.”

Garrett explained that throughout the retreat, his staff will explain every department within DCHA and the goals they are aiming to achieve in the next year. If a council member has an issue, Garrett will delegate it to the appropriate member of his staff, he said.

“I am taking one day at a time and will work as hard as possible on your behalf,” Garrett said.

He said that he has been visiting properties within DCHA’s portfolio and will continue to do so. These visits let him see what is happening in the communities at all hours of the day and will help him to develop business strategies, he said.

“That is my style. You are going to see me,” Garrett said to the crowd. “This isn’t going to be the last time you’ll be able to ask me questions directly.”


Last modified: 10/27/2017 2:56:45 PM