District of Columbia Housing Authority officials, along with other city and development officials, recently celebrated the completion of the Highland Dwellings redevelopment.

The $70 million gut rehabilitation project began in 2014 to renovate the entire property and upgrade all 208 homes on the property. The community now has a 24-unit building with space for health and wellness services provided by A Wider Circle, as well as a separate community center.

“A project like this can’t happen without a vital component—the residents,” said DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett at the October 20 gathering. “Without their satisfaction and their input, something like this is impossible.”

The project, which DCHA redeveloped without any development partners, had multiple layers of financing.

“Get used to seeing this,” Garrett said.  “Over the next several years, we are going to continue to advance innovative ways and methods to preserve and create affordable housing in the District of Columbia.”

Council member Trayon White said he remembered when the project began the residents were wary of their ability to return to the community.

“Today is a dream fulfilled. They have somewhere to come back to live...and grow their families,” he said.

A Wider Circle will be in the community seven days a week to offer workforce training, health and wellness programs, youth mentoring, as well as a food pantry and clothing closet.

“We are going to bring so much creativity to this space,” said Mark Bergel, executive director of A Wider Circle. This building to me is an example of what is possible when we have the conviction and the convention to do what is right.”

Development Project Manager Ivor Carrington gives Deputy Director Chelsea Johnson and Executive Director Tyrone Garrett a tour of Highland Dwellings.
Executive Director Tyrone Garrett meets Melvin Shepherd, Sr. and Janice Black who live at Highland Dwellings.
A Wider Circle Executive Director Mark Bergel
D.C. Council member Trayon White
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