The District of Columbia Housing Authority is pleased to be the recipient of a $5 million grant that will expand upon its sustainable and environment-friendly infrastructure with increased solar capacity. 

The grant, which is a part of the District’s Solar for All Program, will support roof repair or replacement, electrical upgrades, as well as solar and battery storage at DCHA’s properties.

“This grant is another way DCHA is working with the District Department of Energy and the Environment to make our communities more healthy and sustainable,” said Executive Director Tyrone Garrett. “This exciting solar program will modernize our aging electrical equipment and roofs, increase our ability to generate more power at our properties while reducing overall energy costs, and provide a beneficial environment for our customers.“

The Solar for All Program began in D.C. in October 2016 to help small local businesses, nonprofits, seniors, and low-income households increase their access to solar power. Solar for All DC aims to provide solar electricity and its benefits to 100,000 low-income households by 2032 and to reduce their electric bills by 50 percent.

“The D.C. Housing Authority has been a strategic partner with DOEE on sustainability initiatives and energy efficiency,” said DOEE Director Tommy Wells. “We’re excited to expand our work together to now include solar. Not only will more of our low-income residents benefit from solar deployment in the District, but DCHA will be able to use the savings from on-site solar generation to reinvest in their properties and serve residents’ needs more efficiently.”

DCHA’s traditional, mixed-income, and tax credit properties are all eligible under the grant, said DCHA’s Deputy Director of the Office of Capital Programs Kerry Smyser. DCHA also will implement a model resident engagement and support program as part of the grant, she said.

Previously in 2017, DOEE provided funding for technical assistance to assess solar and battery storage potential at an affordable housing property currently under redevelopment by DCHA. DOEE has also partnered with DCHA to assess solar potential and provide roof replacements at public housing properties owned and operated by DCHA to ensure that properties are solar-ready. These services are coupled with weatherization, health, and safety measures.

Between 2005 and February 2016, DCHA spent more than $84 million on energy conservation improvements throughout its portfolio. DCHA participates in the DOEE’s weatherization program and regularly upgrades windows and roofs to improve the efficiency of our mechanical programs. Several properties such as Regency House and Sheridan Station already have solar photovoltaic or solar thermal panels and other sustainable building practices. Lighting, HVAC units, and appliances have been steadily replaced with more energy efficient models. Last year, DCHA was awarded DDOE’s POWERDOWN DC Award after several DCHA properties took part in a sustainability competition to reduce their energy and water use.

Sheridan Station is one of DCHA's properties that already has a solar array.
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