The District of Columbia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners passed the $387 million fiscal 2018 budget.

“This budget will allow DCHA to increase access to quality affordable housing and create opportunities to improve the quality of life for our customers,” said Interim Executive Director Nathan Bovelle. “It also includes a $15 million grant from the District to assist us with our mission.”

Deputy Executive Director for Administration Rainbow Lin said she and the budget director worked with each individual department to go over every individual line item to find efficiencies and savings for the agency. She also conducted an analysis of utility consumption at all of DCHA’s properties and of existing contracts with outside vendors.

“We looked at all the individual details to roll up into the consolidated budget for board approval,” Lin said.

There is still some flexibility in the agency’s spending for the incoming executive director due to DCHA being a Moving to Work housing authority, Lin said. The Moving to Work designation allows DCHA to get HUD approval to allocate funds in more varied ways than a traditional public housing authority. 

Last modified: 10/3/2017 5:25:56 PM