The District of Columbia Housing Authority’s new appointment system for the Housing Choice Voucher Program has hit a milestone of efficiency—1,000 appointments have been scheduled.

In its most recent step to improve customer service, in May, DCHA began scheduling appointments for customers to meet with their housing specialist instead of traveling to DCHA’s main office at 1133 North Capitol Street, N.E. on Tuesdays, standing in long lines to get into the building, and then having to wait even longer to see their specialist. Those walk-in Tuesdays ended entirely on August 1.

“Our customers are responding well to the change. They seem to really appreciate us meeting with them when their personal schedules allow it,” said HCVP Director Ronald McCoy. “This new system is easy and efficient for everyone.”

The online scheduling option has been available to customers since August 14. Customers have been scheduling appointments for themselves online at www.dchousing.org  70 percent faster than traditional methods.

Prior to this system being put in place, a typical walk-in Tuesday could have anywhere from 400 to 600 people coming into DCHA’s main office. The new system allows customers to choose from about 15 time slots to meet with their specialist. Now, about 200 customers come into DCHA’s main office per day.

To schedule an appointment, HCVP customers can login at www.dchousing.org , call DCHA’s Call Center at 202-535-1000, or if they are already at DCHA’s main office, speak to the Customer Service Specialist in the lobby or HCVP’s front desk staff can assist them.

Once the appointment is scheduled online, customers will receive a receipt confirmation that includes any information they may need prior to the appointment, such as necessary paperwork they should bring. In some cases, the email may explain that they don’t have to meet with their specialist and handle their request by, for example, submitting their recertification documents in the lobby. The system sends out several reminders to both customers and their specialists alerting them about the upcoming appointment.

In addition, DCHA will include information in the customer emails that is relevant to the life event they want to address with their specialist. For example, if the customer indicated that they were scheduling an appointment to report loss of income, DCHA will send them employment programs information and/or job listings that are part of the agency’s BenefitsGPS app available on DCHA’s website. If they scheduled an appointment to add a child to their household, DCHA will send those customers information about childcare/schools, as another example.

Following the appointment, customers will receive a survey they can complete about their experience at DCHA.


Customer Service Specialist sit in DCHA's lobby assisting customers.
Last modified: 8/30/2017 11:44:24 AM