The District of Columbia Housing Authority Office of Public Safety lost their Best in Barbecue title to the Metropolitan Police Department this weekend.

In the second match of the annual Fathers’ Day Cook Off at Benning Terrace on June 24, the MPD team seasoned, adjusted flames, and finally served up the tastier ribs, chicken, burgers and hot dogs. The count is now an even 1-1 between the two police forces.

Also this year a new community partner, POWER (People Organizing and Working for Economic Rebirth), showed off a special dozen-spice rub on their fried fish.

The great event full of fun, music, and delicious barbecue was due to many community partners including The Village; Safer, Stronger D.C.; East River Family Strengthening Collaborative; The Keys to Canaan; First Rock Baptist Church; POWER; the Commission on Fathers, Men, and Boys; D.C. Superior Court; MPD; and DCHA.

Last modified: 6/29/2017 12:24:17 PM