Barry Farm residents decided what amenities they would like in their future homes at the most recent redevelopment meeting.

The design meeting, led by the Barry Farm redevelopment team’s architects and designers, went over the buildings that will be included in the first phase of development – the senior building, two multi-family buildings, and townhomes. The first phase will include 170 public housing replacement units, as well as retail space and parks.

The types of buildings the team is planning to bring online first are based on a series of meetings the District of Columbia Housing Authority and its redevelopment partners have been having with the Barry Farm community since last summer. Residents previously voted that bringing back seniors, families, and units with larger bedroom sizes were a priority.

After listening to the variety of design options available for these types of buildings, Barry Farm residents, many who are considered long-time residents, voted on which amenities they would like to see in each building.

Using three dots per resident, they voted between wood-look floors, dishwashers, large windows, ceiling fans, and kitchen islands in the townhomes. The multi-family buildings had choices of roof terraces, urban garden plots, fitness room, computer room, and a multipurpose room. The senior building could include  roof terraces, fitness room, dishwashers, in-unit laundry, and a multipurpose space for creative arts and meetings.  

To see more information on the New Communities Initiative and Barry Farm design ideas, visit http://dcnewcommunities.org/barry-farm-development/.



Last modified: 6/22/2017 2:24:16 PM