District of Columbia Housing Authority officials recently updated a local Advisory Neighborhood Commission on the ongoing redevelopment process at Barry Farm.

DCHA Development Director Kimberly Black King spoke to approximately 50 community members and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C, which represents the Barry Farm, Bolling Air Force Base, Congress Heights, and St. Elizabeths Hospital neighborhoods on April 5. 

King explained that DCHA, its New Communities Initiative partner agency, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), and the developers have met many times with the Barry Farm community about the process. They also have discussed how their families can successfully plan for their futures during this process. She said DCHA also wanted to keep the neighbors aware of the activities.

Earlier this year, DCHA notified families who live in Barry Farm that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development gave the agency permission to begin the temporary family relocation process and demolition of the existing 70-year-old site, King said. However, families are not required to move immediately. In fact, she said, most will not begin to relocate until this summer.

King explained that families will be given the opportunity to move into other DCHA public housing or receive a housing voucher, which acts as a rent payment coupon that can be used in any U.S. city that has a housing voucher program similar to DCHA. Some families may opt to enter into one of DCHA’s homeownership programs.

The relocation process will take approximately 18 months. DCHA, the city, and community partners will provide organizational and rental assistance to families before, during, and after the relocation process.

The newly developed community will replace all of the public housing units at this site and will also provide homes for a variety of income levels allowing many District families to stay in the city for many years to come, she said.

DCHA’s one-for-one replacement policy means for every one existing public housing unit razed a new public housing unit will be constructed in the new development. Therefore, 344 units of public housing will be within the new development. Approximately, 100 units for the redevelopment have already been constructed at Sheridan Station and Matthews Memorial.

In addition to the 344 public housing units in the new development, there will be additional affordable and market-rate homes – available to either rent or purchase.

The property consists of more than 40-acres to be redeveloped. In 2014, the Zoning Commission approved up to 1,400 units. The plans include a two-acre park, 11 new streets to add connectivity, a widened Sumner Road full of retail spaces, and 16 live-work spaces.


Kimberly Black King speaks to community members.
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