District of Columbia Housing Authority customers living in senior and disabled communities can now own and register pets thanks to the Board of Commissioners vote to update the agency’s pet policy.

The vote on the regulation, which followed many discussions with customers and pet advocates, as well as a public comment period, allows customers at designated properties to have up to two commonly domesticated animals as pets in their home, including dogs that are no more than 40 pounds and 20 inches tall.

“DCHA has been working with our resident leadership at its senior and disabled designated properties for more than a year on a revised pet policy and has received input on our policy from animal advocates,” said Nathan Bovelle, deputy executive director operations. “As a result of our outreach, DCHA’s proposed pet policy reflects our customers’ specific requests to manage the size of animals in the communities.”

The updated policy does not include service or assistance animals as pets.

Customers who choose to register their pets or aquariums must follow rules within the resolution. These rules include providing proof that the animal has been inoculated, as required by local law, and that the animals are spayed or neutered, among others. These rules, which are included on an addendum to the customer’s lease, also state that if a customer does not follow the rules, it is considered a lease violation.

All pets in those buildings prior to May 1, 2005 are also allowed to be registered.

Last modified: 3/31/2017 12:37:40 PM