Some 5,000 elderly and disabled District of Columbia Housing Authority customers’ lives just got a little bit easier.

The District of Columbia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a new resolution to allow elderly and disabled households on only fixed incomes in both the Housing Choice Voucher Program and public housing to recertify every three years instead of every two.

“Over the past several years, we have been trying to improve customer service and make dealing with this agency as simple as possible with each new initiative,” said DCHA Deputy Executive Director Nathan Bovelle. “Now we are doubling down and making life a little simpler for our most vulnerable customers by allowing them to recertify every three years.”

The resolution states that instead of bringing in all of the paperwork necessary for customers in public housing and housing choice voucher programs that they still qualify for housing assistance every two years elderly and disabled customers on a fixed income only can now do this every three years. A fixed income could be income only from Social Security or a pension, for example.

All other customers will still need to recertify according to their normal schedule.

“This eases the burden on our elderly and disabled customers,” said Housing Choice Voucher Director Ron McCoy. “In addition it also helps lessen the administrative load, allowing for DCHA employees to increase their productivity in other areas to better serve our customers.”

When the rule change went before the housing advocate community it met very high approvals.

DCHA will begin to notify all elderly or disabled families who qualify for this new three-year recertification and explain how this change will impact them starting in the new calendar year.


Ron McCoy, Adrianne Todman, and Nathan Bovelle
Last modified: 12/7/2016 2:40:16 PM