The District of Columbia Housing Authority family was saddened to hear of the death of Elaine M. Carter-Moore, a vibrant member of the D.C. community.

Carter-Moore, or more commonly known as “Ms. E,” died on June 25. She was 77 years old.

“It is so sad to see her go, but she was an amazing leader. Not just for the public housing community, but for all of Ward 8 ,” said DCHA Executive Director Adrianne Todman. “She was a valued sounding board for her community. She led her neighborhood during its redevelopment, then moved back to the community, and continued to be that voice.”

Todman continued, “She had her own family, but she helped raise that entire community. At her funeral I saw four or five generations of neighbors.   It was a beautiful thing to see. She took care of the community.”

All of the resident commissioners on DCHA’s Board of Commissioners had memories of Ms. E working in the community and testifying before the board.

Commissioner Kenneth Council recalled a board meeting not too long ago when Ms. E began her public comment by explaining she had been in a rehabilitation facility but had checked herself out to testify because there was an issue affecting the community.

“I would call her the superwoman of Ward 8, that is what I would call her,” he said. “Or you could really call her the mayor. She really did get things done.”

Commissioner Shelore Fisher agreed.

“She was a pillar of the community, an awesome community activist,” she said.

In addition to raising her family, Ms. E worked at Metropolitan Chicken and the former Hogate’s Restaurant. However, she is well known for her volunteer work in the community as an activist, political organizer, former president of the Stanton Dwellings Resident Council, and a meal distributor.

Commissioner Frank Lancaster, who called Ms. E “one of the icons in our neighborhood,” said during the redevelopment of Stanton Dwellings into Henson Ridge, she worked to make sure the plan was cohesive and benefitted everyone in the community.

“Over the course of the years she has always been the same, very passionate and very vocal...That is the thing that I will remember about her,” he said. “She was trying to get things done...and made the partnerships to get them done.”

Commissioner Aquarius Vann-Ghasri said, “Remember Ms. Carter started her advocacy in Northwest D.C . She took those skills to the Stanton community.”

Using the same ending Ms. E often did when finishing, Vann-Ghasri added, “I approve this message.”  

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