A total of 24 District of Columbia Housing Authority customers were honored last week as the most recent graduates of the Family Self-Sufficiency and Achieving Your Best Life programs.

The ceremony, held on June 23, recognized the FSS and AYBL graduates for completing self-sufficiency milestones such as gaining employment, improving their financial literacy, or purchasing a home. DCHA staff and community partner organizations team up to instruct clients on how to reach their goals.

“I am so pleased to offer my congratulations to these graduates,” said Shelore Fisher, the member of the DCHA Board of Commissioners who represents voucher customers. “This ceremony marks all of the hard – and sometimes tedious – work that each one of you has done to take the steps towards achieving your personal financial goals. I cannot be more proud of all of you.”

Each program participant set their goals with assistance from an FSS or AYBL coordinator at the time of their enrollment.  Many of these graduates had homeownership as a final goal and because of the combined efforts of the DCHA staff and community service providers, such as Lydia’s House which provides housing counseling, six individuals purchased in the past year. Nearly 20 of the graduates worked to improve their job opportunities. Six FSS graduates enrolled in the Homeownership Assistance Program to build upon the goals they achieved this year.  

There are 251 active FSS participants and another dozen residents currently enrolled in the AYBL program.




Family Self-Sufficiency Program Manager Ronald Fisher, AYBL graduate Olayla Ruffin, and Commissioner Shelore Fisher
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