The District of Columbia Housing Authority is working to get its Housing Choice Voucher customers housed faster and more efficiently.

“DCHA has always provided housing unit location assistance to our customers,” said DCHA Housing Choice Voucher Program Director Ronald McCoy. “This new process improves upon the old one, better serves our customers, and keeps our landlords engaged.”

Starting April 25, whenever a DCHA customer receives a new Housing Choice voucher, they also receive, via text and email, an up-to-date and accurate list of available housing units that fit their needs. When competing for precious affordable housing units in D.C.’s hot real estate market, accuracy and timeliness can make all the difference. 

To assist customers, DCHA now proactively contacts landlords on a monthly basis to make sure their properties are available for rent to DCHA customers. So long as they are looking for a new home, a verified list is available to DCHA’s customers to assist with their efforts to find affordable housing.

“Many organizations offer housing lists,” said Richard White, director of public affairs and communications. “We saw an opportunity to provide an enhanced service for our customers. This prototype will streamline our customers’ housing search and get them into a new home quicker.”

Last modified: 5/3/2016 5:14:06 PM