District of Columbia Housing Authority customers now have the power of the University of the District of Columbia Community College in their backyard. UDC-CC will offer extensive workforce development and training classes to DCHA customers through the Southwest Family Enhancement & Career Center. As part of its expanded program DCHA is also a new member of the dcConnectHome network and offers job-seeking services through Apploi.

The combined new programming is DCHA’s Workforce Development Initiative, which was celebrated  at the Southwest Family Enhancement & Career Center, located at 203 N Street, S.W., on April 26 at 2 p.m. The launch event included demonstrations of the Apploi job search app, an open house, and more.

“I am so pleased to have these new services available for our DCHA community. Not only will customers benefit from having job and computer training so close to home, they will also have opportunities to attend other UDC-CC programs offsite to continue building their careers,” said DCHA Executive Director Adrianne Todman.

UDC-CC Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning Division will run courses at the DCHA Southwest Family Enhancement & Career Center. UDC-CC also will create an intake and referral system for DCHA residents to attend WDLL courses at UDC’s campuses citywide. Workforce development and occupational training, such as career assessments, introductory computer classes, and apartment maintenance, are among the courses that will be offered. 

dcConnectHome is a local initiative led by the Office of the Mayor and DCHA with the mission of bridging the digital divide by bringing broadband connectivity to children and families living in HUD-assisted housing.  D.C. is one of 28 communities nationwide selected by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to participate in the ConnectHome demonstration program, a companion program to President Obama’s ConnectED initiative. In Wards 5, 7, and 8, where a large number of the city’s public housing households are located, the broadband adoption rate is less than 65 percent compared to 85 percent in the other five wards.

dcConnectHome is committed to ensuring that children and families in low-income households have both the access to information and opportunities afforded by both connectivity and the use of high speed broadband.

As a part of their commitment to the dcConnectHome mission, Apploi has donated a kiosk that features the company’s employment search app. The Apploi system is designed for jobseekers and employers to connect. Apploi’s job search app is available on the Google Play and App stores, as well as on the web.

DCHA welcomes UDC-CC and Apploi as two new members of the dcConnectHome network.

A teacher leads a class on job applications.
UDC-CC representatives speak to potential students.
Career Center customers use the computer lab.
ORS Director Sherrill Hampton (left) looks on as DCHA Executive Director Adrianne Todman explains the partnership with UDC-CC.
SWFECC staff demonstrates how to use the Apploi app.
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