The District of Columbia Housing Authority has several mixed-income communities that offer a spectrum of housing, from low-income to market-rate homeownership. The agency has and will continue to build these communities – and will continue preparing our customers who qualify for affordable housing programs to purchase in them.

In fiscal 2015, 47 new and potential homeowners participated in DCHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency and homeownership programs. An additional 132 families are currently enrolled.

Families who qualify for the homeownership programs have up to five years to purchase a home. DCHA helps residents set up escrow accounts to help with down payments. Others use their housing choice voucher (formerly section 8) to support their mortgages. Some of our customers secure their mortgages without any DCHA subsidy. The purchaser is required to take classes, such as first-time home buying, receive credit counseling, and partner with other public and private agencies for guidance with local lenders and real estate agents. DCHA offers support throughout the entire process of a family’s self-sufficiency process.

The agency started an advertising and social media campaign to not only honor the graduates who have successfully purchased their own homes – both in DCHA and neighboring communities, but also to highlight the opportunities available within these programs and encourage more of our customers to sign up. These ads have been running in local newspapers and seen on our social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Last modified: 12/2/2015 2:41:35 PM