The District of Columbia Housing Authority family is saddened by the passing of council member and former mayor Marion Barry.

“The work of Council member Marion Barry can be seen throughout Washington, D.C.,” said DCHA Board Chairman Pedro Alfonso. “He was a steadfast advocate for those less fortunate, always keeping the conversation grounded and focused on the poor and disenfranchised.”

In addition to his work representing the people of Ward 8, Barry worked closely with the housing authority. As a former chairman of the then-Committee on Housing and Workforce Development, Barry ensured all housing authority clients were represented by expanding the DCHA Board of Commissioners creating a seat for a voucher participant.

“Marion Barry tirelessly fought to keep the local and national debate focused on important issues, even when it made others feel uncomfortable,” said DCHA Executive Director Adrianne Todman. “Whether it was presidents or mayors, Marion Barry kept people in power focused on programs that led to home ownership and jobs for low-income Americans.”

The DCHA family extends its condolences to Council member Barry’s family, friends, and constituents.

Last modified: 11/24/2014 3:48:56 PM