Despite scorching sun followed by torrential downpours, some 200 volunteers – including about 60 students from Cesar Chavez Public Charter School – managed to pour 16,000 pounds of concrete by hand, spread 150 cubic yards (or four tractor trailers full) of mulch, and assemble one playground. And they finished 30 minutes early.

The volunteers made a play space for the children of Kenilworth Courts on Friday, June 13. Some were from the community, others were from JetBlue or District of Columbia Housing Authority, and the rest came from KaBoom!, the D.C. Promise Neighborhood Initiative, and Kenilworth Parkside Resident Management Corporation.

“Thank you for building a playground that will last for a lifetime of memories for the children of Kenilworth,” said KaShamba Williams, DCHA director of property management.

“This day is really about the children and giving them a safe place to play,” said Nathan Bovelle, DCHA deputy executive director of operations.

DCHA and KaBoom! have worked together for more than 16 years at several properties, Bovelle said.

“This [effort] is about five partners working in close coordination to make this possible,” said Kathryn Lusk, KaBoom! project manager.

Renee Sims, with KPRMC and niece of Kenilworth’s own Kimi Gray, encouraged parents and caregivers to accompany children to the new playground and participate in the fun.

“KaBoom! They build more than playgrounds. They build communities,” said Mimi Castaldi, interim executive director of DCPNI.

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