The Potomac Gardens Resident Council has made a commitment to recognizing community achievers. DCHA Commissioner Aquarius Vann-Ghasri, who also serves as the Resident Council President for Potomac Gardens Family, organized this year’s program with the help of Resident Council members Shirley Ford and Diane Hewitt. The program was started under the late Ms. Jacqueline West, also a past DCHA Commissioner and Resident Council President.

The Resident Council proposed, and the residents agreed, to include The Graduates Program Initiative into the community by-laws as a recurring budget item. This means that provisions have been made for a portion of the Potomac Gardens Resident Council budget to be used to reward each year’s graduates on their achievements.

This year they celebrated residents graduating from elementary, junior high, high school, GED programs and the headliners, four college graduates. College graduates in attendance, Dwaine Brown and Marketta Jamison gave words of encouragement to the younger students. The graduates also received inspiring words from Family Program Coordinator Iris Mclaurin-Southall, Family Service Program Assistant Ron Friday, Office of Asset Management Director Laurie Putscher, DCHA Commissioner Jennifer Reed, and of course Vann-Ghasri.

Attendees were also treated to the talents of Hopkins Resident P. Abena Disroe, who recited a poem she had written. 

Friends and (DCHA) Family gather for a group photo before the recognition event.
Friends and (DCHA) Family gather for a group photo before the recognition event.
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