The Ellen Wilson property, located on more than five acres on Capitol Hill, was built in 1941. In 1988, the 134-unit development was closed and remained vacant until it was demolished in 1996 as the part of the revitalization plan funded through the award of a $25 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOPE VI grant in 1993. 

A Community Partnership
The renamed development, now called the Townhomes on Capitol Hill, included the construction of 134 town house units sold to low-income families. Thirteen lots in the new development were developed as market rate town homes. The HOPE VI project was developed by the Ellen Wilson Redevelopment Limited Liability Corporation in conjunction with a Community Advisory Committee (CAC), which included representatives of local churches, service providers, public housing residents from neighboring developments, and area residents.
By January 2000, all of the units had been sold, and an elected cooperative board took over the governance functions of the property in January 2001. Today the co-op is self-governing, but DCHA maintains responsibility for enforcement of the regulatory and operating agreement.
Building Economic Stability
The Townhomes on Capitol Hill is a now a mixed-income community that links the higher income community at its northern border with the lower-income neighborhood at its southern border, bringing stability to the entire neighborhood.
Through an economic development plan, 24 families were able to make the successful transition from public housing to home ownership.
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