The DCHA requires contractors to make a good faith effort to award work to Section 3 business concerns. In the absence of evidence to the contrary, a contractor will be considered to have complied with the section 3 preferences if the numerical goals set forth in Section E.1 are met.

A contractor that has not met the numerical goal must demonstrate why it was not feasible to meet the numerical goals, including actions taken and any impediments encountered as well as other economic opportunities that were provided in the absence of meeting the goal.

Contractors are required to submit monthly reports of all payments made to Section 3 subcontractors. If no payment is made in a given month, it must be noted and discussed with the Section 3 Coordinator.

A prime contractor can fulfill its Section 3 Contracting requirements through a subcontractor.

Construction contractors must differentiate between labor and non-labor (materials and supplies) dollars so that the amount of Section 3 dollars to be expended can be determined. This must be completed within five (5) days after the execution of the contract. Service contractors’ total contract amount will be used as their labor dollars in determining the Section 3 dollar amount to be expended unless supplies/materials must also be purchased for this contract then that amount is deducted.

Construction contractors must complete the forms included in the bid packets.

All contractors must attend a meeting with the Section 3 Coordinator and Compliance staff to discuss the coordination of hiring /training employees or the other above-mentioned alternatives.

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