The Office of Resident Services coordinates job training and placement programs for DCHA residents and voucher holders under the federal Section 3 program.  It is a starting point to obtain job training, employment and contracting opportunities.

DCHA’s two family enhancement centers and two neighborhood network centers provide on-site job readiness training and job placement. The eligible job applicants for the Sec 3 positions are selected from a pool of job applicants referred by these centers.

As a result of DCHA’s strong network of community based organizations and government agencies, an array of other training opportunities and supportive services are also provided. The Office of Resident Services coordinates Section 3 job placement and related services with DCHA departments that issue contracts to businesses such as th Office of Contracts and Procurement, the Office of Planning and Development and the Housing Choice Voucher program.

Last modified: 8/20/2010 8:54:18 AM