In 1997, DCHA joined a previously formed partnership of the residents, Washington Innercity Self Help (WISH) and Innovative Design Solutions (IDS) to implement the long deferred goal of homeownership at Capitol View Townhomes. Prior to homeownership conversion, DCHA invested $5,070,000 in the rehabilitation of the property.

Construction started in 1999, and the work was done in three phases which allowed existing residents to move on-site while their units were being renovated. During construction, the residents were active in organizing the cooperative, marketing vacant units to other low income families and preparing for management of the property upon completion of renovations. Work was completed in 2001.

Now called Southern Homes and Gardens Cooperative, the property is organized as a “low-yield cooperative”, meaning that the units will be maintained as affordable housing for lower income families over the next 40 years. When units become available to new buyers, only low-income families will be eligible.

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