Vital social support services are a critical component of the DC Housing Choice Voucher Program. They are helping strengthen and preserve families, giving men and women educational and professional opportunities, and opening the door to home ownership.

The Housing Choice Voucher/Home Ownership Assistance Program is helping families make the important transition from “renter” to home owner. A family with a voucher may use its subsidy benefits to purchase, occupy and own a home. Partnerships with local lenders are expanding loan opportunities to residents, and the HCVP Home Owners Club provides renters with the know-how to move closer to the goal of purchasing a home in one of the DCHA’s redevelopment projects.

The Family Unification Program (FUP) is helping families stay intact by providing housing assistance when inadequate housing threatens to separate children from their families. The FUP also works in partnership with the Department of Human Services to reunite children with their parents, and gives young people leaving foster care a jump-start to their independent lives by providing housing assistance.

The HCVP Mainstream Program works hand-in-hand with many nonprofit organizations across the city to provide rental assistance to people with disabilities, allowing them to rent the housing of their choice in the private marketplace.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) Ombudsman investigates complaints and concerns about HCVP landlords, tenants and District of Columbia Housing Authority HCVP employees. The HCVP Ombudsman is also the liaison to DC government agencies and neighborhoods.

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is an intense program to help families move from housing assistance to economic independence.

The Veteran’s Administration Supportive Housing (VASH) Program is a program for disabled veterans run in partnership with the DC Veterans Medical Center. The Veterans Administration refers participants to DCHA, and we confirm eligibility.

The Good Neighbors Program is a resource for voucher holders who need assistance in changing behavior patterns that create friction with neighbors or landlords that may lead to termination from the voucher program. HCVP conducts a family assessment and works with the family to develop an action plan to move forward. This program helps families with issues such as poor housekeeping, unsupervised children, mental health issues and financial hardship.

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