Take these six simple steps to ensure a successful HCVP lease:

1. Advertise your available property with DCHA. There is no charge to list your rental unit on the online a HCVP Property Vacancy List where thousands of potential renters will see it (see below). You may also want to advertise your property in the newspaper. Just include a line of copy that says, “We welcome vouchers.”

2. Screen applicants. It’s your job to screen people interested in renting your property, showing your property and taking their applications. Then you select the applicant of your choice (according to fair housing guidelines).

3. Obtain the applicant’s Request for Tenancy Approval Packet (RFT). This packet contains all the necessary paper work that you will need to sign and return to the HCVP Leasing Department.

4. Obtain your “rent reasonableness.” This is an analysis to determine what is considered a reasonable rent you may charge the tenant based on the market and current rents for units like yours in the area.

5. Schedule an inspection. If you accept the rent offer, HCVP will conduct an inspection of your property to be certain it meets all the quality standards of DCHA. If there are problems, you will be given the opportunity to make corrections and your property will be re-inspected.

6. Finalize the contract. Once your property passes inspection and your ownership is verified, a meeting will be scheduled for the signing of the lease and of the contract between you, DCHA and the tenant. Then you can set up direct deposit and begin collecting rent.

List Your Property
To advertise your property to HCVP participants, complete this online form.

Property Inspection Checklist
Review this simple checklist to ensure that your property passes DCHA inspection the first time.

Payment Standards
Calculate the rent you can charge for your rental property.

Form for setting up Direct Deposit

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